Musings on Equivalence partitioning and boundary value analysis

What are boundary value analysis and equivalence partitioning testing techniques? In this post we would understand these with an example.

How to work with redis for test automation

Redis is a powerful in-memory data store that could be used for a variety of test automation use cases. In this post, we setup a redis server on an ubuntu VM and see how we can use redis-cli and a simple Kotlin class to interact with our server.

Why automate tests early

A post on why test automation early and in parallel to the development cycle can help you scale faster and give better and quickly repeatable confidence over your feature ship. And why is there even a need for this in the first place?

Mobile app testing checklist

A testers brain requires a lot of creativity and the no of scenarios that we test on a day to day basis are innumerable. Expecting the brain to remember all the ways of testing an application whether it be from a mobile, a web or an API interface is tough and an overhead.

This mobile testing checklist is a brain dump of the different ways that I approach and think about testing apps in different conditions and hopefully reduces the cognitive load to remember these.

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