7 Myths about software testing

Common misconceptions about testing and the people who perform it. Source: Unsplash Hello there! Being a tester in software engineering comes with its own sets of myths and stigma about the role. This post is about the these misconceptions and i aim to hopefully give an inside perspective of someone who has actually been through … Continue reading 7 Myths about software testing

Vol 1: How Kotlin eased my life in a Java world

Part 1 of a series of posts on why coding in kotlin makes so much sense over java. A Kotlin function Hello wonderful people, Over my 8 years of experience as a coder/Quality engineer the language which gave me the comfort of feeling at home was and still is “Python” 🐍 till date. It allowed me to … Continue reading Vol 1: How Kotlin eased my life in a Java world

Appium Conf 2019 Bengaluru : My experience

My Experience as a first time speaker in a test automation conference and the awesome talks and tools that I learned about. Attendees checking out sponsor booths. Appium Conf had its 2nd edition in the garden city of india between 13–15 June 2019 and had an impressive lineup of speakers from all across the world with … Continue reading Appium Conf 2019 Bengaluru : My experience