How to work with redis for test automation

Redis is a powerful in-memory data store that could be used for a variety of test automation use cases. In this post, we setup a redis server on an ubuntu VM and see how we can use redis-cli and a simple Kotlin class to interact with our server.

Using TestNG setup/teardowns with data provider combinations

Sometime back, I tried to update my Kotlin test code using TestNG to use data providers and Before/After annotations and it did not work immediately. After some research I found the solution. Here is a post, explaining how to use these constructs well with an example.

Understanding reporting and logging in TestNG

TestNG is a popular test framework that needs no introduction in the JVM (Java virtual machine) ecosystem and can be used for automating your tests regardless of their size. For example: Large (functional) or medium/small level tests (Integration/Unit). It is a highly customizable framework and provides great flexibility around how you want to structure your…