How to run your grouped testNG tests using Gradle

Walking through how to group and run your testNG tests via gradle and to avoid common pitfalls. Hello people, When building a test framework, one of the most crucial decisions to make is the choice of the test framework in your language ecosystem. For Instance in Kotlin/Java world we could choose JUnit, TestNG, Cucumber... Continue Reading →

Basics of writing Clean code:

A python flask program. Source: Pexels I recently read my first iteration of Clean Code, the famous book by the prolific Uncle bob martin and it was one of the most delightful and eye opening experiences of my life as a programmer. There were lots of amazing takeaways from that book and personally would highly recommend... Continue Reading →

Remembering GIT commands

GIT is one of the most popular SCM tools being used these days, and even though there are lot of UI interfaces to it (Source tree, GIT extensions etc), It really helps to know about the beautiful command line behind those actions. The challenge is how to remember them all when you need it right?,... Continue Reading →

Duck Typing in python

Quite simply put, Duck typing gives a programmer the ability to not worry about the type of a class rather perform the required operations. Let's take a simple code example as below: If we execute this code: QuackedLouder QuackTraceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/gaurav/personal/development/grasp-python/base/advanced/", line 33, in <module> MakeItQuack(Eagle()) File "/Users/gaurav/personal/development/grasp-python/base/advanced/", line 29,... Continue Reading →

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