How to setup ReportPortal on a local docker instance

Report portal is one of the new reporting solutions available. It supports multiple different test frameworks like TestNG, Cucumber, Pytest and many more. This post is the first in a series of posts on how to set up report portal effectively and leverage the best use out of it.

Using TestNG setup/teardowns with data provider combinations

Sometime back, I tried to update my Kotlin test code using TestNG to use data providers and Before/After annotations and it did not work immediately. After some research I found the solution. Here is a post, explaining how to use these constructs well with an example.

Understanding reporting and logging in TestNG

TestNG is a popular test framework that needs no introduction in the JVM (Java virtual machine) ecosystem and can be used for automating your tests regardless of their size. For example: Large (functional) or medium/small level tests (Integration/Unit). It is a highly customizable framework and provides great flexibility around how you want to structure your…

Working with TestNG data providers in Kotlin

Photo by Juan Gomez on Unsplash Hello there, TestNG needs no introduction, It is one of the more popular test frameworks available in Java/JVM ecosystem and offers many advanced features like running tests in parallel, flexible annotations to do setups and teardowns at different levels and group tests and run them selectively. One of the more useful features…

How to run your grouped testNG tests using Gradle

Walking through how to group and run your testNG tests via gradle and to avoid common pitfalls. Hello people, When building a test framework, one of the most crucial decisions to make is the choice of the test framework in your language ecosystem. For Instance in Kotlin/Java world we could choose JUnit, TestNG, Cucumber…