How to setup a load test via Locust

Walkthrough of how we can use Locust to set up a simple test for a mocked API website Hello there, Recently at my workplace, we had to ship the rewrite of an API from Ruby on rails to Go. This was a critical API for the business and we wanted to see how it... Continue Reading →

7 Myths about software testing

Common misconceptions about testing and the people who perform it. Source: Unsplash Hello there! Being a tester in software engineering comes with its own sets of myths and stigma about the role. This post is about the these misconceptions and i aim to hopefully give an inside perspective of someone who has actually been through... Continue Reading →

Appium Conf 2019 Bengaluru : My experience

My Experience as a first time speaker in a test automation conference and the awesome talks and tools that I learned about. Attendees checking out sponsor booths. Appium Conf had its 2nd edition in the garden city of india between 13–15 June 2019 and had an impressive lineup of speakers from all across the world with... Continue Reading →

Basics of writing Clean code:

A python flask program. Source: Pexels I recently read my first iteration of Clean Code, the famous book by the prolific Uncle bob martin and it was one of the most delightful and eye opening experiences of my life as a programmer. There were lots of amazing takeaways from that book and personally would highly recommend... Continue Reading →

Testing: First principles

Source: Wikimedia Commons Hi there! I have been working as a tester throughout my career and have always been and still am very intrigued by the unique breed of individuals testers typically are. We are called by so many different titles (QA, Quality engineer, tester, SDET… and so on) and we play so many different... Continue Reading →

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