Staying productive during work from home

How do I stay productive while working remotely or from home? This post is a collection of some practices that work well for me.

Why automate tests early

A post on why test automation early and in parallel to the development cycle can help you scale faster and give better and quickly repeatable confidence over your feature ship. And why is there even a need for this in the first place?

The problem with titles for testers

An opinionated post on Why focussing on titles is an anti-pattern that should stop in the Testing world and how much better the industry if we all focussed a bit more on learning the activities/practices and what are some of these activities that a tester does.

7 Myths about software testing

Common misconceptions about testing and the people who perform it. Source: Unsplash Hello there! Being a tester in software engineering comes with its own sets of myths and stigma about the role. This post is about the these misconceptions and i aim to hopefully give an inside perspective of someone who has actually been through... Continue Reading →

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