Testing Android/IOS apps under network conditions

Mobile apps should be tested not just under WiFI but under "more" realistic network conditions. In this post we see how we can simulate these conditions on Android and IOS native apps.

Mobile app testing checklist

A testers brain requires a lot of creativity and the no of scenarios that we test on a day to day basis are innumerable. Expecting the brain to remember all the ways of testing an application whether it be from a mobile, a web or an API interface is tough and an overhead. This mobile testing checklist is a brain dump of the different ways that I approach and think about testing apps in different conditions and hopefully reduces the cognitive load to remember these.

Viewing network traffic calls on IOS real device using MITM Proxy

Getting Started If you have used android studio for helping in setup emulators, you would have realized how nifty the Logcat feature is. It allows us to see all network calls being made as we perform any user journey on the mobile device. Ever wondered how to do this on an IOS real device? Xcode?…