How to setup a load test via Locust

Walkthrough of how we can use Locust to set up a simple test for a mocked API website Hello there, Recently at my workplace, we had to ship the rewrite of an API from Ruby on rails to Go. This was a critical API for the business and we wanted to see how it … Continue reading How to setup a load test via Locust

Duck Typing in python

Quite simply put, Duck typing gives a programmer the ability to not worry about the type of a class rather perform the required operations. Let's take a simple code example as below: If we execute this code: QuackedLouder QuackTraceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/gaurav/personal/development/grasp-python/base/advanced/", line 33, in <module> MakeItQuack(Eagle()) File "/Users/gaurav/personal/development/grasp-python/base/advanced/", line 29, … Continue reading Duck Typing in python