Musings on Equivalence partitioning and boundary value analysis

What are boundary value analysis and equivalence partitioning testing techniques? In this post we would understand these with an example.

Why automate tests early

A post on why test automation early and in parallel to the development cycle can help you scale faster and give better and quickly repeatable confidence over your feature ship. And why is there even a need for this in the first place?

Mobile app testing checklist

A testers brain requires a lot of creativity and the no of scenarios that we test on a day to day basis are innumerable. Expecting the brain to remember all the ways of testing an application whether it be from a mobile, a web or an API interface is tough and an overhead.

This mobile testing checklist is a brain dump of the different ways that I approach and think about testing apps in different conditions and hopefully reduces the cognitive load to remember these.

The problem with titles for testers

An opinionated post on Why focussing on titles is an anti-pattern that should stop in the Testing world and how much better the industry if we all focussed a bit more on learning the activities/practices and what are some of these activities that a tester does.

Understanding reporting and logging in TestNG

TestNG is a popular test framework that needs no introduction in the JVM (Java virtual machine) ecosystem and can be used for automating your tests regardless of their size. For example: Large (functional) or medium/small level tests (Integration/Unit). It is a highly customizable framework and provides great flexibility around how you want to structure your... Continue Reading →

Advice from a test journeyman

Hello there, Software testing and automation is a craft in itself and is intricately as complicated as the varying technologies that it aims to verify. Whether it be a web app, a mobile app, or a complex mesh of distributed microservices, IoT apps, and whatnot. Unlike other disciplines, People who work in Software Testing come... Continue Reading →

7 Myths about software testing

Common misconceptions about testing and the people who perform it. Source: Unsplash Hello there! Being a tester in software engineering comes with its own sets of myths and stigma about the role. This post is about the these misconceptions and i aim to hopefully give an inside perspective of someone who has actually been through... Continue Reading →

Testing: First principles

Source: Wikimedia Commons Hi there! I have been working as a tester throughout my career and have always been and still am very intrigued by the unique breed of individuals testers typically are. We are called by so many different titles (QA, Quality engineer, tester, SDET… and so on) and we play so many different... Continue Reading →

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